Amarjeet kumar

Optimist.. Confident.. Ambitious.. Perfectionist.. Introvert.. Extremist.. !
It's me and Adventure is my life, By nature i am like a machine... No emotions.. Not fear.. No tear.. Never tired. And also I am a sophisticated, daring and open minded boy, having caring , friendly and helpful nature . I am passionate about I.T., Like to do photography, Swimming, charity works, To Spent quality time with my closed ones, To play Adventure sports and specially living alone with Nature. I hate to Liars, Cheaters, Double faced double meaning peoples, Mostly one of them who present themselves with a fake one or it seems. I always prefer to face extreme challenges and try to perform at my best.
I like those people who differentiate their life in this crowd. Not only at a huge level but also with a little effort.
And... Yeah I am a Attitude Boy.
A little bit freak.. mean a lot Gizmo freak.
Too Soft as Formal but sometime looks rude casually.
So it doesn't matter who you are, I just care How you are.....!
And The only prediction is right about me that I am Unpredictable.
The Fake identity :)