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Amarkant Singh

Amar is a BTech from VIT University, a Gold Medalist, currently working as Senior Developer at Kuliza Technologies, Bangalore. He was also voted the “Best Outgoing Student” from his batch at college. He never gets too excited with his success, at the same time he doesn't allow failures to push him down to dumps.

The best thing about him is that he loves whatever he does, even when it means sitting in front of a screen for 16 hours a day. Since the very first day he was taught about algorithms and logic he has always been fascinated about building/reading fantastic algorithms. For him the technology being used is secondary if the problem at hand is a challenging one. At Kuliza he has been involved in building products involving various technologies.

Amar is an extrovert who can either sleep or stay awake for hours. He is a hardworking person who understands the value of commitment and the importance of meeting it. He always dreams big!!! And some day he hopes to achieve them.