A Material Girl UK


Hi there! My name is Daniela and have loved fashion since I was about 3 years old when I was dressed in a sailor dress and white Mary Janes. Since then I have had multiple fashion faux -pas such as lime green cycling shorts teamed with a Bart Simpson tee(thanks Mum!) but fashion is all about learning and experimenting.

I have zero fashion education, regrettably passed up on applying for a fashion degree and opting for something 'safe', so everything I know is what I've picked up from magazines, blogs and books from over the years or my own opinion.

At the time of starting this blog I am five months from marrying the Fiancé which is the most exciting thing I've ever had to plan for! Apart from showcasing bits and bobs on beauty, fashion and lifestyle, I will be adding in snippets on wedding 'stuff'.

Please feel free to contact me! Thanks to anyone following me - knowing somebody is reading my nonsense is exciting!