Agnese Rudzīte

Artist, illustration, and creative in Liepājas pilsēta, Latvija

I was born in Liepaja on October 31, 1979. After graduating from secondary school I moved to Riga (Capital of Latvia) to master the craft of jewellery maker at O. Auzers College of Jewellery Art.

I returned to Liepaja some years later and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Design. I have perfected my knowledge in native language, history and literature for 2 years. Since 2012 I am studying at University of Liepaja, Faculty of Humanities, Master program of Arts. Since 2014 I am Master of Arts.
I have created works of graphical nature more than 30… years.

Worked on tactile art work set TOUCH ALLOWED NOT TO FEAR.


“She is a God’s play with light, colours and undertones. A bright vivacity and calm vigilance. A sensitive texture and bohemian secret. Energy and a dazzling inner vigour. Therefore, you will certainly notice her. Even in a chaos and in a crowd of people. The sea is a sister of hers. A part of her strength and rhythm of feelings. Serene waves and gales. A little bit of acridity. She is a Silence at times. The Silence above the depth. Even if she closes the door of her heart for a while, she does not turn away. Like the sea never turns away from her coasts. The warmth and generosity you do not want to part from. Like you do not want to part from the Sea. They both are strong. The sea and her sister – Agnese.”

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