Thomas Allen Mays

Outer Banks, NC

Thomas Allen Mays is the Improbable Author of "A Sword Into Darkness", "Echomancer", "The Falling Sky", and numerous short stories here on the web, such as "Strategic Deployment", "Dreams for Sale -- Two Bits!", "Time", "Co-Pilot", and others.

When he's not writing, he works on the east coast, Somewhere Unspecified, doing Something For The Navy. He plans not to dwell on it here, but they'll probably have to resurrect Robert Mitchum or Gregory Peck to play him in a movie, because Tom Cruise just doesn't have the gravitas. What he prefers to do with his time, however, is play with his three beautiful kids and rambunctious dog, or annoy his lovely wife and avoid working on the lawn.

  • Work
    • Writer, Naval Officer
  • Education
    • BS-Applied Physics, UT-Arlington; MS-Applied Physics, NPS