meme critic in the woodlands tx

hey im lee/homura/hinata and im 14 and im agender/a demiboy, my pronouns are he/they !!! i live in texas and im a saggitarius/capricorn. i love dan and phil and crying


MAIN KINS !! please tag me!! im ok with double/triple tagging, please dont follow me if you kin with homura unless youre a mutual !!

👑-homura akemi (!!)👑

🏐-Hinata Shouyuou!!!🏐

SECONDARY KINS !! please mention in DM


-patty thompson (SOUL EATER)

-prince gumball (ADVENTURE TIME)

-lapis lazuli (STEVEN UNIVERSE)

-mey rin (BLACK BUTLER)

-haruhi fujioka (!!) (OHSHC)

-luna lovegood (HARRY POTTER)

-coraline jones (CORALINE)

-snake (the actual earth)


(dont follow me if you post these/dm and ask/dont mention)




-self harm

-eating disorders


-body image


-flashing lights


PLEASE NOTE:i have severe depression and anxiety and EDNOS so um yeah please be careful when you talk to me, also dont follow me to hate me.

additional::i really love @rin_okumura and if you hate riley/dont like them then please dont follow me... they mean a lot to me and theyre my boyfriend 💖

okie dokie thats all :)) for me to accept you, dm me a picture of phil lester and introduce yourself!!!