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Cape Town, South Africa.

South Africa, the most southern region of Africa, is one of the amazing destinations in the world for its contrasting landscapes ranging from rainforest along the garden route coastlines, to the flat dry Karoo interior together with craggy Drakensberg in the east and the flower fields of Namaqualand. The scenic beauty is blended with various ethnic cultures. It is a place of tradition and history throughout an extremely cosmopolitan society and golden sunsets, thus planning South African holiday tours can never be a bad decision, making one’s stay as enjoyable and unforgettable as possible.
There are numerous reasons why one should go South Africa for holiday trips.
• Since 2005, South Africa and specially Cape Town has been winning awards for one of the most favorable holiday destinations in the world.
• Most of the cities in South Africa, such as Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban etc. have well developed infrastructure and contemporary convenience.
• Though it is the most modish African Country, it still proffers various attractions that draw people throughout world to Africa. It is a land of present-day development, African traditional culture, outdoor attractions and untamed wildlife.
• Kruger National Park, situated in northeast South Africa, is one of the oldest established game reserves around Africa and offers people with golden opportunity to submerge with wild animals and birds for which Africa is known. Phenomenal wildlife and beautiful surroundings can surely leave anybody in awe.
• South Africa’s another outstanding highlight is the posh beaches throughout Cape Town, Durban, Knysna, Plettenberg Bay along with other major coastal cities. These beaches are ideal for relaxing and hanging out during scorching summer months, because stylish cafes, open-air restaurants and mansions line the streets behind the beach.
• The climate of South Africa is very bright generally. There are quite a few areas that experience almost 300 sunlit days per year. Western Cape has a Mediterranean weather with hot, dry summers and lenient, wet winters. The North-East region where Johannesburg and Kruger National Park are situated has sun-drenched, hazy summers and moderate winter. The mild winters with chilly morning and warm afternoons are the best time for viewing game since the animals love this sort of temperature. The inviting weather, even during the