Sima Van Norden



My lastname is not actually Van Norden, I'm writing a fic and the character I love most is Gabriel Van Norden, she is such a Sima oh anyway.

I'm Sima. My mother is Thessalonian and my father is Azerbaijani, I'm living in Turkey for a long time and here is where I call as home. I know Turkish, English, Azerbaijani, Danish, have education in German, broken Greek and broken Swedish. I've been told to have language skills when I was a fourth grader, then I decided to learn languages to make their words come true. I learned English by myself, series with subtitles helped a lot. Now I'm a level C1.

My childhood wasn't that bright. I was born with chronic asthma and I had a sore 'babyhood'. When I was nearly six months old, my parents had to move because of their jobs and I couldn't go with them because the city they were living in has humid air (which is not good for a person with asthma). I was living with my grandparents (which I love and so thankful) and I was travelling each 15 days with my grandpa to see my parents. They moved to Ankara, Turkey when I was four and I was really happy.

I started to swim when I was five years old, did it as a pro *bossy face here* then I lost my interest and started doing Aikido and playing the flute. Just like I lost my interest in swimming, I lost my interest in Aikido too and I had to leave because there were an exam for high school, SBS (Seviye Belirleme Sınavı, which means placement test in Turkish). You have to give the test three times, one in 6th grade, one in 7th grade and one in 8th grade.

I gave all of the exams and here I was.


My first year in highschool was pure disaster, I couldn't make friends and lessons were UGH DIFFICULT, my grades faded faster than a white shirt in a black water (idk who would do this how did you find the black water dude ugh).

I passed my class with 80/100 anyway (which was awkward because I thought I was going to fail, I suck at maths and geometry) and here I am! Waiting for tenth grade to ruin my life, being socially awkward and behaving as ironic as I can.

Thank you for wasting your time, you won't get back the minutes you spent with reading my life.

And that's basically me. Yay.