Rida Mahmood

Lahore, Pakistan

i love muzic ● it's ma life ● love choclates ● i like myslf the way i m...n i like those ppl who like me the way i m ● em sumthing that U can Never be ● or I can say that ● Perfection needs no Improvement ●em a very simple girl but sometimes a very complex , rude annoying n specially when someOne shows me their Attitude, Else em loving caring , hell smart ,a bit stupid but only with stupid ppl..:P ● I treat ppl after how I want to be treated myself... I am very choosy.. careful about whom I let myself close to, so U cant get close to me unless I let U.., I Always Remember little little things that matters to ppl who are cLose to me ● I follow this "* If something is destined for U how much ever U try to evade it, U will get it n If something is not destined for u...how much ever u try to get it U will get it *" ..So ultimately if I don’t get something I consider that I have something Better waiting for me ● I hate ppl who judge without really knowing me ...,Lovex reading nd painting nd listning sngx..,● em very outspoken but I know where to keep my mouth shut ● em not One in Million , Billion trillion or Zillion but em the one , the One and only its not that em different but cuz um UniquE.. ● I look the way I look, think the way I think, feel the way I FEEL, love the way I LOVE! I am a whole complex package. Take me or LEAVE me. ACCEPT me - or WALK away! Do not try to make me FEEL like less of a person, just Bcoz I don't fit UR IDEA of who I should be and don't TRY to change me to fit in your MOULD.. If I need to CHANGE, I alone will make that DECISION ● ●May be after reading my profile U might come tO know about me or a lil bit about my Personality ● i just let you remind that whateva u hav seen in me is the only wot i hav chosen to ...●

  • Work
    • ICAW
  • Education
    • Garrison High School
    • Punjab Group Of Colleges
    • Punjab University College of Arts & Design