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Amazon is one of the giants in e-commerce market. It has zillions and zillions of users all over the world who purchase wholesome of products from it every day. Amazon app store apk has released its own Appstore for devices that run on android like Smartphones and tablets. amazon app store for blackberry This online store is operated by Amazon itself. This app store contains various apps and games in it for download. This app store was launched in 2011 and many versions of it have been launched till date with addition of lots of new features. The latest version of Amazon Appstore is picture perfectly useful for the users to download apps and games of their liking.The early version of Amazon Appstore is missing a lot and Amazon has done a lot of homework on it. It has released latest version of the app with lots of new features and is receiving good response from the audience. Albeit, it may feel difficult for the users who relayed on Google Play Store till date, it will become familiar after using it couple of times. Amazon Appstore comes with many amusing features just like Google Play Store.