Amazring LLC


Our product is a Cell Phone & Tablet accessory that attaches to the back of your device directly or to the case. It provides you with an effortless more pleasant way of holding your Phone or Tablet. To do this we use a ring that goes right around your finger to keep your device free from falling, stable and simple to hold. The ring itself allows you to swivels your device 180 Degrees and Rotates 360 Degrees providing incredible mobility while still providing a reliable, strong and sturdy stand for your Phone or Tablet. This product also comes with a hanger that give you the capability of using your device hands free whether in your car, home or office. This product as of now comes in 5 classic colors that are Gold, Black, Grey, White and Rose Pink. We stand by our product so much that we went and included a free Lifetime Warranty for the Amazring.