Amanda Mazzawi

What can I say? We're a fabulous family of four striving to find that delicate balance of living in a modern society with all the blessings a modern lifestyle has to offer while still holding true to traditional and Catholic values. My husband, Joe, is a Catholic Lay Minister at a local university and I am a biologist turned stay at home mom to our two spirited and active children, J. our three year old with mild Cerebral palsy and C. our one year old.

Having just started out in this new season of our life with parenting, homesteading and, myself, becoming Catholic, I've got to say the past 5 years together as a family have been a whirlwind of change! However during all the changes a constant theme has emerged for us. Modern life can be great; so many positive and wonderful things exist in this modern age of technology, medicine and society, but this family longs for the traditional values of respect, hard work, and community, we try to seek them out in the little moments of the day.

Now keeping life running smoothly for this family takes up most of my time, but I enjoy writing! So take a look around, I write about anything I have a passion for, from our life adventures of working towards a more self-sustainable lifestyle, my children, my faith and enjoying all that life has to offer while sticking to our traditional roots. It's our dream, our struggle and our life day-in and day-out. Besides, it gives me a chance to share with family and friends, so who can beat that!

I hope you’ll enjoy the stories, occasional insight of everyday moments, and thoughts of this married, modern homesteading mommy!

Please be sure to share your thoughts and stories in the comments! I love hearing from you.