Ambarsari Sulistyawati

Ambarsari Sulistyawati born and raised in Jakarta, had worked in the Telecommunication Company GSM operator PT Excelcomindo Pratama (GSM-XL) for 12 years as Sales and Marketing. Pursue the arts as a painter Women Naturalists flow and participate in various social activities in Talim An-Nuur, Talim Salafiah. Not only that, Ambarsari as the author of a book entitled Islam "ALLAH MENGAJARIKU" (Ambarsari Setiadi) in addition to the symbols of Ambarsari also active in cyberspace have a site, such as the Islamic website that he has made in the network of social networks, Facebook is called "CINTA ALLAH 100% :) 0 (: Amber Sari Setiadi ' , Twitter : @AmbarsariS and several other sites. | |: