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Mike Ambassador Bruny

Employee Engagement and Employee Advocacy in Grafton, Massachusetts


Hi, I'm Mike Ambassador Bruny. I'm a problem solving, people loving, values driven, connection seeing, relationship building guy. How do I know? My Strength Finder tells me so. (1. Restorative, 2. Woo, 3. Belief, 4. Connectedness, 5. Relator).

I'm a new dad who has been raising his son (Emerson) while working on projects. I'm now looking for a full-time opportunity where I can help a company with employee engagement and / or employee advocacy. If it's for a diverse population that's even better. Reach out with leads.

My latest project is called No More Reasonable Doubt and it's focused on empowering young professionals of color in their career. The project is made up of a Podcast with the vision of adding Community, Courses and Coaching.

I use my strengths to build community wherever I go and to help solve problems. I've worked with entrepreneurs, corporations and have even lent my skills to non-profits-- see my charity: water campaign centered around a 24hr social media-thon on G+ Hangouts.

I've worked at Intel for almost 10 years as an Operations Manager and Employee Ambassador Strategist (no longer there). My philosophy is simple, get to know the people and what they want; let them know what you want; see where you can merge the two as often as possible.

I can be found wearing one of my many bow ties--I actually launched my own charitable bow tie line.

I am a proud member of the Young Entrepreneur Council and former Ambassador for Keith Ferrazzi's My Greenlight relationship building program.

  • Education
    • Psychology undergrad | Sport Management Masters | Certified Life Coach | Inbound Marketing Certified