Bhimrao Ambedkar

Digital Marketing Executive in Ramakrishna Nagar, India

This is bhimrao... Revolved sun around 21 years... I'm freelancer providing services like Web development, SEO, Inbound marketing, Infographic and multimedia designing and other web based services......Finished my engineering graduate in Pondicherry Engineering College, the college, which mold and equipped me more indirectly than directly.....I'm also a diploma holder with 3 records during my academic period...

About my personal, born in a normal Indian family with two siblings and lovable parents. My father used to say that is “try to absorb good things from everyone you see” but I slightly differ from that I take good things and make the negative things as experience for my life. Love to talk, expert would have said it unproductive one, but it's one of my relaxation methods which make to get away from problems. I can easily get into a relationship with anyone within half an hour I met. I'm very optimistic, fun loving guy. Life is very interesting to me so I'm enjoying every moment of my life. For it easier to learn new things in my failures rather than my success. One of my theory is "exposing myself to my biggest fear and get rid of it"......! I'm a versatile person so I try to participate in all kinds of activities..! Interested in computer technologies, web, films, and phycology and cooking. I love to travel and feel good during exposing into new things and places... That's reason I frequently watch many informative channels like history TV, discovery, fox life. I used to watch all kinds types of movies in as many as languages... My favorite movies are Shaw shank redemption, cast away, terminal, way back, Taare zamen par, Anbe sivam and much more

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