amber rose

Hi there as you all probably know my name is amber. My blog is a mix about the ways in which women are negatively protrayed in films and how love is protrayed as some perfect fairytale yet in reality it sucks. I'd say I am a socialist mainly because I feel it fits all of my ideals and because I believe in social equality. With my blog I hope to help someone in someway realize they are not alone. I hope for my blog to become a place where people can come to read and relate. I just want to be able to have fun and express how I feel about women in the media and women in real life. And to relate how movies and media protrays life and love to real life. Once this class is over I hope to accomplish making new blogs about all these topics and hope to get a good amount of readers. Feminist is important to me not only because of the fact that I am female but because we should value how hard our ancestors fought to get us where we are today and because if you don't want history to repeat itself it's important to learn from our past. I want us to all be equal human beings. A few years ago I was annorexic and now suffer from distorted body image and have had to learn how to look at myself as a beautiful individual. The media shoves fake lashes tans, super skinny bodies, and lushes locks down our throat. Being curvy with unmanagable curly hair I have always felt ugly. Not only that, but media has given me a false interpretation of a relationship.This is how my personal life experiences are related to my blog topic.