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Amber Scott

My name is Amber Scott; and I am studying Art at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. I work in the copy and print department of Office Depot, and also intern at Caffey Distributing, in the sign shop. My favorite part of interning is walking into a place where different banners or signs have been distributed and see my work hanging proudly. I am innovative in my work; I not only enjoy design but also creative writing. My love for that grew in high school when I took creative writing classes, and I have continued with it throughout college. I am a task-oriented person and I am motivated and determined to get things accomplished. I use my clever creativeness to design work that is unique. I would rather work longer on a piece and have it be something different then to work quickly and have something that has already been done. Uniqueness is something that means a lot to me not only within my work but also within my life. I do not like repeating things others have done. I like to be original, and include that in my work.