Amber Selby

Published Writer and Displayed Artist.

Welcome, To my page. My name is Amber Selby, I am Ten years old, I go to a welsh school called Bro Hedd Wyn. My teacher is also my friend she is head teacher, so watch out. Her name is Mrs Heulwen Jones her name may sound sunny and gentle but when she's angry beware with a capital "B"!!!!!!

My art has been displayed in the Oriel Pendeitch, Caernafon, it is not only my talent but my whole life is art, ever since I've been able to hold a wax crayon, I've been doodling pieces of my younger master pieces. I live here i Trawsfynydd with my mum,dad,brother and my two sisters my pets are two turtles, two rabbits which my mum prefers the name "Lawn Mowers"and Penny my dog.