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Amber Totten

Student in San Antonio, Texas

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I am a student currently living in San Antonio, Texas. My interests range from movies to dance. I am also interested in surfing, football, and music.

My favorite football team is the New England Patriots. Whenever I watch football, my personality changes from a calm, polite girl, to a girl that is very aggressive, crazy and loud.

Dance has always played an important role in my life. I am the person you see twirling in circles and doing pirouettes around the stores. Dance isn't all about physical movements though, it brings you to ease, letting go of all the stress.

Music In general is just plain beautiful, with and without lyrics. Music without lyrics gives you more of a connection between the movements you're physically doing and mentally what your feeling. The thing I love about having lyrics within music is the fact that you get to go along with the artist and how they are expressing the mood of the song and make it even more powerful.

The events I experienced within my childhood had such an impact in my life. This in turn has prompted my interest in helping a child receive the care they need in life, whether it would be physically , as a doctor or emotionally, as a social worker.

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