Amber & Brittney

Hello my fellow lady pervs! My name is Amber Rodri. I'm the one to the right on that gorgeous picture of 2 smoking hot bitches!

Born in Albuquerque NM, moved to gorgeous Durango CO in 1998. Met my friend Brittney (that other hoe who is writing this blog with me) in 8th grade! Growing up in a small town with all those small town dreams. Get the fuck out as soon as you can! Well turns out I left later then I thought because I met the love of my life Jared when I was 17. Went to college, worked some kick ass jobs and realized Durango isn't that bad. After 4 years of being in love...blah blah ;) Jared dropped to one knee and asked me to be his forever. Did I mention this was on my 21st in Vegas while induring the worst fucking hangover of my life? I think he tricked me! Anyways we started planning a wedding for June 7th, 2008.

After my man was offered at job in the big city of Denver, we packed our shit and have lived here for 5 years! We have been married for 5 and together for 10! Brittney and I wanted to write this blog in hopes that real woman out there would read it and see that we are all naughty and have nasty thoughts. We just like them in book form. We wanted to voice our real fucking opinions with the real feelings and thoughts while reading these books. So if you are easily offended then this fucking blog is not for you :) Thanks for stopping by and let us know what you think!!



Hey Hey all you naughty bloggers out there... My name is Brittney Billings I'm an addicted reader like all of you. I love the books that are naughty,suspenseful,funny,irritating,and some that remind me of the good OL' days. I have a wonderful husband that is my best friend,and who has to sit and listen to me rant on about all the books I have read. I also have 4 beautiful boys that I would do anything for except read the books I love out loud to them LOL. This blog that Amber and I started is for all of you to open up and tell us how these books make you feel, if they make you dream naughty or nice, and if you have experienced any of the scenarios in the books. Dirty language is more than welcome of course!!! Enjoy our blog and have a good time...DON'T BE SHY!!!!