Amber Koski

Educator in Portland, Oregon

Drifting writer/ educator working in collaborative and experimental forms in both teaching and creating. Fortunate and overwhelmingly grateful to have traveled extensively.
Prior accolades range from but are not limited to: 1st place winner for Creative Non-Fiction as a fledgling undergraduate to Co-Creator of Kingston University's MA writing blog.

My current hiatus activities include trying to learn French and getting through a daunting dry-erase Must-Read checklist while refusing to disregard my goals in the name of money.

As a writer, I scaffold, using different textiles, formats, forms and genres. Lets call it short-experimental fiction. My novelette is a representation of writing through memory implementing Black Out poetry, prose poems, flash fiction, typography, using both word processing and typewriter excerpts.

Life doesn’t happen in a linear way. We collect and arrange events in order to make sense of them (i.e. "Dept. of Speculation"- Jenny Offill). We write stories that often follow a linear pattern, some element of a progressive arch, in order to authenticate human growth via a character. How we construct the narratives in our lives, how we recount a day’s events to a friend is a means at which we as humans possess control over our surroundings. Life unfolds as it will and we construct those events to feel we have truly grasped (grappled with) the lessons, meaning(s), the content(s). Siri Hustvedt once said it like this: “The stories we tell ourselves about ourselves” (The Summer Without Men).

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