Amber Miller

Hythe, Kent ENGLAND

Hello all to all of you out there!! I'm a fun if-somewhat-clumsy individual who loves photography, good food, even better wine, holidays, reading trashy novels, watching sci fi films, surfing the internet, sewing, creating, dreaming and - dare I say it - Facebook!!! There, I said it. Can't take it back - it's out "there" (wherever that is?)

My love of photography comes from - I'm going with "within" - I didnt take photography at school or college but from an early age I realised I simply loved capturing images of what I personally considered to be beautiful or striking or thought provoking (you get where I'm going with this)

I love, love, LOVE to create. From magazines and photo books ( anyone?) to sewing myself a fab new bag for my next holiday. And that leads me very conveniently on to my passion and extra curricular activity - my little company Two Crafty Moos!!! Yep roll on up for anything created out of fabric in a very fetching pattern made by my own fair hand. If you are at all curious please visit - I'm not going to go on too much because that's just annoying. SO! moving swiftly on......Oh wait, I think maybe that's a good enough start, after all this is the only page!

Nope, hang on I forgot to mention I love to cook (and bake cakes with far too many calories in) and totter around in heels that are too high just because they're sooooo I'm finished *smiley face* xxx

  • Work
    • East Kent Hospitals University Trust (NHS)
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