Amber K. Sharma

Web Developer, Software Engineer, and Consultant in Allahabad, India

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Greetings to Everybody,

It is difficult, however, to write bio on a constantly evolving entity.

I have always thought bios were difficult at best. I don't define myself by my job, though I wish that I could. I wish that I felt strongly enough about the work that I do to want to define myself this way.

I have completed Master in Computers Applications. Working as a Office Management, Operations Intern and Social Media Officer for Logophilia Education Pvt. Ltd. past worked as a Expert for GoogleAdsense as well as do a lot of Traveling, Photography, Writing, Cycling, Volunteering & enjoy life to the fullest.

I like to listen music of my interest, story books and technological magazines, when I start writing, my ideas focuses on the technical perspective, truth, affection, scientific aspect, fiction and many more like that.

No Religion.

What do I like to do?

My favorite past time is to watch movies, clicking pictures or finding new facts on the internet on random topics having black coffee with me on the desk..

I enjoy meeting interesting people, engaging in intellectual discourse, discussion and debate in coffee shops, online, phone & email.

I'd love to hear from you, so drop me an email to introduce yourself. Chances are pretty good that we will disagree on some of the issues, but hey, that's cool. So, shoot me an email:;;

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