Amber Vincent

Folkestone, Kent

Im 22 years old and live in folkestone.

One of my main weakness is my love of food and my mum is an amazing cook which doesnt help matters. I just love everything about it but mainly eating it so I have to be careful or before I know it i've eaten more than my dad. Luckily I have my dog that I take for long walks/runs most days to help keep in shape and not let my love of food take over haha.

I like to believe I am a positive person and I try to always see the best in people. Im a bubbly and chatty person, which i think is a good thing as I can talk to pretty much anyone and make them feel comfortable. However the only downside is I occasionly talk in my sleep which isn't so great for anyone sharing a room with me! I try to build strong relationships with people built on trust and respect as I really cant stand people being fake and lying. When it comes to my friends I would do pretty much anything for them and apparently I'm a good listener as they always seem to come to me with their problems which we usually end up solving over a couple of glasses of wine.

I truely believe that if you dont enjoy doing something then don't do it, you should do something that makes you happy, something that you are passionate about. This is exactly what I'm currently looking for from a job/career. I want to work somewhere that is a friendly yet fast paced environment where I can constantly learn new skills and challenge myself to be better.

I'm always willing to try new things to better myself and develop as a person. Illustrating and being creative is something I love doing as I feel it gives me a chance to express myself, however it is something I do as a hobby and just couldnt picture doing it as a career.

  • Work
    • Sainsbury's
  • Education
    • The Folkestone School for Girls
    • UCA Farnham
    • UCA Canterbury
    • Canterbury College