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Amberation is a cross-cultural online magazine that connects people, dissects cultures, breaks language barriers and shares inspirational stories.Founded by Lawrence L. Deacon, internationally renowned Jamaican Graphic Designer, Art Director, and Illustrator. The brand began as an inspirational quotes website in November 2014. With camera in tow, he snapped photos, which was then released with an inspirational quote attached. Lawrence then decided that Amberation had a greater purpose. Shedding light on the many skilled and talented persons from around the world was the magazine’s purpose. He scoured the internet and Jamaica’s streets in search of like-minded artists and creatives, in aid of sharing their stories. Lawrence always felt that hearing tangible success stories from the peers around you would be a best source of motivation for millennials.In the earlier part of 2016 Amberation released their first interview setting the tone for those to come. Sharing stories from emerging creatives and artists. Today, we curate inspirational stories for talents all over the world in the fields of Art, Music, Food, Style, Politics, and Sports.

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