Amber Aziza

Toledo, Ohio, United States

I'm Amber!

Millennial. Entrepreneur. Oprah Evangelist. Founder of The AG.

I'm obsessed with making business culture cool again with showing Millennials that the corporate and entrepreneur worlds don't have to be so damn hard!

I am dedicated to coaching Millennials to happier, more awesome existence!

After spending 10 years as a Training Executive in the corporate world, I traded my suits and blackberry for flirty dresses and a laptop on the go as a Serial Entrepreneur.

Here's where you can read some of my Millennial-thoughts:

In addition to sharing my thoughts (and life) with anyone who will listen, I also host events like The Global Millennial Conference, a gathering of over 500 Millennials who are coming together for the sole purpose of learning from each other, networking, and seeing the impact we Millennials are making on the world!

I love shoes, shoe shopping, and building amazing businesses while rocking awesome shoes!

Love meeting new people...especially Millennials...and those that are Millennials at heart.

  • Work
    • United Healthcare
  • Education
    • University Of Toledo