Amber Lang Benson


I am by trade a marketing gal with experience in all things marketing, sales, business development, client relations, and tasks that no one else wants tackle...jack of many trades, but also the master of a few! My professional history includes a handful of diverse industries: aviation, television, automotive, legal and now technology. I love the freedom and challenge of creating my own opportunities and managing multiple projects for various stakeholders.

In both my professional and personal lives, I love staying active; lazy days are few are far between in this household! We always manage to find adventure in old and new places alike and try to make even the most mundane tasks fun or at least semi-enjoyable. I am passionate about my family and our health, and truly believe when it comes to food we need to take a big step back in time - I do my best to buy organic, grass-fed, and locally sourced when possible. However that doesn’t mean a bag of Doritos doesn’t occasionally make its way into our pantry; sometimes you must lose a battle to win the war!

So if you are a marketing or technology professional in a similar boat, a legal/financial/healthcare related professional interested in new technology platforms to excel your business, or a back-to-our-roots kind of foodie, please follow me here and let’s connect through one of our shared social media profiles. I look forward to finding new connections to expand my knowledge of the world.