amber brown

the netherlands

hi my name is amber. i'm 14 years old and i have many things that i love, but mostly, fashion, animals, music, mini coopers :-)

i have 2 dogs,,, they are my baby's, and i have one bird(my bro)

i dont have any brothers or sisters :-(

at this blog, i will write about my life, beauty, random things, tags and obviously things y'all want to see

my passion of all this stuff is started 2 years ago,,
before that i was a little a boy-girl if you say it that way i have never played with barbies or things like that ,,,,
i played with swords and pistols (not real pistols)

i am a little bit weird and just yeah,,, i don't know :-S

i live in the netherlands

okay, now something personals,,
i have overweight,,, really
so since one week i've going to the gym,, and it goes really well,,

thank you for reading this and enjoy my and your life

xx amber

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