Amber Bryant


Hello and welcome to my page! I am a licensed registered nurse, with special interest are in the L&D, ED, NICU, ICU, and OR.

I have worked as a doula and I have a soft spot for patient teaching and education, specifically sex education to adolescents.

I've done for clinical rotations at:

Thomas Jefferson University (MedSurg, Tele, Complex Care)

Paoli Hospital (OB)

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (Peds)

Belmont Behavioral Health (Psych)

Moss Rehab (Neuro)

The Homecare Network (Community)

My most recent role was a Registered nurse at Taylor Hospital in Ridley Park, PA. I worked on an med-surg/telemetry/orthopedic floor with a nurse patio ratio ranging from 1:4-1:7. I've worked days and nights.

Performed IV insertion, admissions, discharges with teachings, administered medications (IV, SubQ, PO), documented assessments electronically and on paper, cared for post-cath patients, cared for patients on heparin and Cardizem drips, performed wound care, participated in code and rapid response, performed post mortem care, performed narcotics count, inserted and pulled foley, cared for isolation patients (contact, airborne, droplet, and neutropenic), interpreted rhythm strips

I am BLS. ACLS, and PALS certified until September 2016.

Some things I like to do in my free time are pottery, dancing, cooking, gardening, reading/learning, and building/working on projects (woodwork and reupholstering).

  • Education
    • BSN
    • Thomas Jefferson University