Amber Bullman

Canton, NC

I'm the happily married mother of three boys. We are hoping to make that number grow.

I'm a proud Christian. Just as people are called to being preachers and priests and such, I feel that I am called to be a mother. I believe it is my destiny. I feel that it is my calling from God.

I'm happily married to the man of my dreams. He is all I could ever ask for in a husband. He is good to my children. He is wonderful to me. He treats my family with respect. He is very similar to my daddy. Which if you are from the south, you know, that your daddy is your hero.

My sons are 13, 10 and 5. They are the apples of my eyes. My oldest has my looks, the middle one has my charm and the youngest has my love of music and sense of humor.

I was a daddy's girl from day one. I cried when anyone else held me when I was born, I first said dada. My daddy was my "Superman". I, unfortunatly, lost my father in April of 2011. It doesn't feel like it's been that long. I still break out into crying fits about losing him. I don't expect that to change too drastically as life goes on and new and exciting things happen that I would normally run to tell him about. On that note, I don't mean to leave out my momma. I love my mother dearly. Usually she takes my side when my sister and I argue. I like to think it's because I'm the less nuts one of the duo.

I'm the oldest of two girls. We don't get along too well. As a matter of fact. We don't get along at all. She is on a completly different wave-length than I am. But another thing to not get me wrong about. I love my sister. Like her, not so much. I often find myself staring at her like she's some sort of alien being. How is she my full blooded sibling? Good question, but she is.

I have two best friends. I've had them for over twenty years. I'm not the best at making new friends. Sure, I pal around with other moms. But I don't think that many people get me like those two. Even though sometimes I think they see the old me when they hear me talking about my future plans. My cousin has been one of my closest friends since I was born, I however still consider her to be my blood more than a best friend.

I like to keep my hair dyed. That comes in handy now that I'm getting gray hair, well silver hair. Shhh, don't tell anyone. I've been a lover of black clothes since 1994. It slightly changes, but don't expect me to stray too far. lol. No yellow for this gal.

  • Work
    • Stay at home mom.
  • Education
    • Couple of years of College. Two half degrees. lol.