Amber Butler

Seattle, Washington, United States

I work hard, play hard and love hard. Things that make me happy include, but are not limited to:

Sports (watching and playing) like football, hockey, rugby, softball, baseball, golf, tennis, skiing, basketball.

Music (playing and listening). I'm teaching myself guitar and I love going to concerts. Favorite genres inculde: alternative rock, punk, classic rock, pop, EDM, hip hop and a very limited amount of country.

Movies. Action, thrillers, horror, ones that make you think.

Outdoors: hiking, backpacking, floating a river in an innertube with a beer.

Animals: Dogs and cats, but also snakes, penguins, bats, owls, etc.

Bartending: Meeting new people, staying up late, creating and making cocktails.

Beer: Craft beer, microbrews, local brews, beer in general=good.

Going fast: Motorcycles, jet skis, boats, paragliding, skydiving, anything that gets adrenaline pumping.

Traveling: Seeing the world, learning a new culture, meeting locals and immersing myself in the culture and language.

Other things that don't necessarily have a category: women, tattoos, women with tattoos, working out, Jeeps, shoes, making people laugh, and spending time with the people I love.

Things that I don't like: Spiders, onions, assholes.

  • Work
    • SharePoint Consultant & Bartender
  • Education
    • University of Washington