Amber Dewey Schultz

La grange

As a boutique social media agency, Clique Social + Design creates individualized plans for local businesses get discovered, grow loyalty, and drive sales using smart digital marketing.

Clique Social + Design is distinct in that we do not measure success by getting thousands of fans for your business.

Instead, we focus on…

Connecting people to your brand

Helping fans share your message

Bringing customer service to where your fans want to be

We believe that social media is much more than just fun and games, and can be a serious business-growing tool when in the right hands.

We do this through creating an experience and a community around your brand. With focusing on the right platforms, crafting engagement-boosting posts, and becoming actively social, your brand will stand apart from the competition.

The success of our clients is what drives us. These clients are forward-thinking, hard-working, tech savvy business owners who do what it takes to grow a successful business. Clique Social + Design delivers the attention and nurtures the success that these dynamic clients crave.

We offer...

Social Media Strategy

Social Media Mentorship

Social Media Management

Social Media Training

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  • Education
    • University of NC School of the Arts - BFA in Design and Production