Amber Flint

Hello Parents and Gaurdians! I'm Amber Flint, residing in the state of Florida. I am currently in school at the University of Central Florida to come out with a masters degree in elementary education. I love working with children, and I hope I get to have the pleasure of meeting yours soon. When I graduate I hope to teach first or second grade, teaching all the subjects. My teaching philosophy is a hands-on, student learning one. I am the type of teacher who sits on the carpet with the children and teaches according to their strenghts, abilities and interests too. I think it is crucial that, as a teacher, you understand where your students are coming from and what they need help comprehending. First or second grade is filled with very young, but very eager to learn children who deserve nothing but the best education they can get. I find it very interesting that we all possess different learning styles and areas of strength. contains lots of information about how children learn, including a learning style inventory . I will be blogging later on topics such as learning theories, Common Core, and other early childhood education topics. Stay tuned!