amber goelst

bend, OR

i am 29 years old. i find the use of capitals irritating. i tend to get a little hyper when i get excited, which happens more than i'd like to admit.

through my experience of starting my own business, and then selling that business, i learned that you can wear many hats when necessary. i think everyone has this ability inside of them, but the label "entrepreneur" falls on the one brave enough to try.

i love learning about new industries, and applying my knowledge of industrial design to tackling that industry inside and out. i cross the chasm between marketing and sales, a "hybrid" of sorts.

if you are looking for someone to be the pinky to your brain, i might be the woman for the job... or i might just be creating my own universe.

you never know.

  • Education
    • B.F.A. industrial design, savannah college of art & design