Born in the Netherlands, partially raised in Germany by a mother who is a songwriter and piano teacher and a father who is an opera singer, music was a naturally given gift, genetically passed on, a way to communicate your mood and your feelings.

Then in 1995, after years of demos and small local performances, she received a universal offer from a label in the US with her debut single "This is your night".

"Of course I took the deal not knowing a darn thing about this industry" she laughs

"Like many artists, I had to learn the hard way what my rights and my duties were and that was quite an experience." she says. She realized early on, that she had to compromise in order to get to where she wanted to be- but to not completely lose herself, she always tried to give her songs that special unconventional touch.

That way, she amassed an impassioned army of fans with 4 full length albums and a string of worldwide smash hits that include:

This is your night (1996)

One more night (1997)

If you could read my mind (1998)

Sexual li da di (1999)

Above the clouds (1999)

Love one another (2000)

Yes (2001)

The need to be naked (2002)

Anyway (2003)

You move me (2004)

Voodoo (2005)

Just like that (2006)

Melt with the sun (2007) in collaboration with Sweet Rains

No more tears (2008) with Zelma Davis

I don't believe in Hate (2009)

Songs which are smarter, bolder, and more infectious than your average, paint-by-numbers pop tunes.

Amber's bright future has been buoyed by a history that saw her rise above the crowded and competitive ranks of clubland divas. She has racked up an impressive seven consecutive No. 1 dance singles and an additional 6 Top 10 dance hits.

Many of them made it into the official Top 40 Billboard Charts. Her songs received many awards, have been featured on countless compilations, been licensed by motion pictures and TV series and been covered by an array of artists -- she co-penned one track called "Bless you child" for Bette Midler's album release in 2000 and most notably Cher, whose rendition of "Love One Another" earned Amber a Grammy nomination in 2004 as a writer. Perhaps most exciting is the fact that Amber is a woman in charge of her own destiny. As an independent artist running her own show since herself requested and granted release fro