Amber Jasmin Santos


Born: Guam-10/14 From: GUAM & SAIPAN

I can't describe who I am but others around me can. But I can say that I was not a spoiled child, I was a diamond in the rough. So I will tell you about them & how they contribute to who I am.

My mother is Julia & father is Antonio. There are words that can't express my relationship w/ my mother. But w/o her genes I wouldn't look like me & I wouldn't have inherit my <3 for art. My father past away when I was 14. I didn't really know him but most of my elder siblings did. So I learned & lived about him through them.

I was adopted at 13 to my Uncle Jesus "Jess", Auntie Elizabeth "Liz", & my cousins. My Auntie passed away when I was 16. She may have given me a hard time but I needed it. She made me who I am today. With a lot discipline she taught me patience, love, understanding, respect, & always giving more than you receive.

My Uncle Jess married few years later to my Step-Mother Margaret "She is my mother". My mom has helped me w/ many obstacles in my life stage from young adulthood till now. She is a big part of my life, she is my role model, & inspiration, but so is majority of my siblings & relatives I met through her.

I am 1 of 8 biological, 4 halves, 7 step siblings.

*All of them, despite our differences & location I consider each of them my siblings.*

-Listed Eldest-Youngest.

Anna Marie- Nana, Anthony-Ton, Chris, Andrew-Dre, Alfred-Fred, Antoinette Julia-Nette, Chassitty, Angel Joy-Deng, Tiana, Chelsey, Charlene, Ashley Jennifer-Chichi, Richard, Christopher-Chris, Francine-Cina, John, Bernard, Alan. (There are 2 Christophers, this is not a mis-type. 1 is my half brother & the other is my step brother.)

  • Work
    • Amber Jasmin Creations
  • Education
    • Associates of Science Degree in Business Management