Native American Headdress

I am a very detailed person- I try and give all I can to give a better understanding of my thoughts, experiences and stories. I adore fancy and intricate details and appreciate the minor imperfections of something. To me, everything has a meaning and makes a piece of work all the more better. My writing skills remind me of great, big, beautifully crafted Native American headdresses. Every single feather plucked and pieced tells the tale of a brave warrior- colors, size and pattern matter. To me, I like to think that every thought and word contributes and makes my work as unique as I can get it to be. My writing can be very personal, especially with blogging and in a journal, alike this the patterns on a headdress tell personal and tales of a persons clan, achievements or status in a tribe. Otter fur turban headdresses are all about being proud of your work and achievements, they are respected greatly and have stupendous symbolic importance. I like to think that when I share my achievements, they too are respected and the importance is understood. To conclude, I feel when I write passionately about something, the details come alive and almost dance around in my mind- like a warrior dancing around a celebration fire wearing a spectacular headdress.

Photo by red11group.