Amber Knepper

I'm Amber and I'm currently 16 years old. I tend to be different from the average kid my age. I am infatuated with art, it is a passion i've upheld most of my life.

I am in love with school. I seemed to always have been, which is weird, I know. I've been stuck on going to Harvard University since I knew of it, which was when I was like seven. I am obsessed with my grades and going to an Ivy League school.

I dramatically changed recently from going to Medical school, to wanting to go to an art school. I'm looking at makeup artistry, or special effect make-up artistry. It's just a though.

I love to read, I can run though a 600 page book within a day. I thrive off reading, it is like an escape for me.

I could blag about my life, but you don't want to read that. Moral of the story, I love art, I love my family and my life. I am very blessed. I love my boyfriend, he is the greatest guy I've ever met. He treats me like a princess.

I am very proud of who I am. I have great humor in life, I hope I can make you smile. I am easy to get to know, I try to be nice.

Relax, breath, enjoy life.

Au Revoir - Xoxo.