Amber (LeBaron) Corkin

Seattle, Washington


Graduated from Brigham Young University--Go Cougars!

Lived in Utah, Texas, Colorado, England, and Washington

From a big family of 7


Meeting/understanding people, trail running, card making, organizing, event planning, public speaking, being a leader, traveling to new places, trying new foods (chicken heart, escargot, and frog legs)

Fun Facts About Me:

Bicycled across America (

My birthmark is shaped like the Nike swoosh

I'm an identical twin (yes, we've switched places on people)

Sold necklaces that I made in a bookstore

Married to the most amazing man; cheesy but true

Some Goals:

Work for a company that makes me want to be a better person, that challenges me, and where I can utilize my organizational and creative sides

Do extended humanitarian work

Be an inspiration for someone/change someone's life