AmberLee McCann

Clarksville Tn

I am a single mother of two amazing children, a girl and a boy both in middle school and together we own four fur animals.. We loves to travel, swim, fish, sing randomly and loud, share smiles and laughters with those around us, visit family and friends, play games, attend movies, concerts and much much more!!! We also enjoys and loves spending free time to volunteer and help others.. I myself am a honored part of something life changing and truly extraordinary called IQLIFE-IQUNITE.. We are a global group of some pretty extraordinary people sharing with the world a ground breaking monetizational movement that is happening around the world in helping individuals likes ourselves enjoy more connecting as we already do on social media but also allowing each of us an opportunity to hold the First inviter keys in sharing with the world, friends and loved ones... IQLIFE is making it possible for users to profit off of BILLIONS of dollars of revenue that we the users are helping social medias earn off of us FREE users... Dont miss out on this history changing opportunity.. Message me and let me share with you the tools to begin

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