Amber Leffler

Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States

I began creating paintings with acrylics on canvas in the spring of 2013. My primary mode of self-expression up until that point had been poetry; to find myself moving unconsciously towards the realm of the visual was unsettling. Painting became an expression of the turbulent forces in my psyche that were struggling for an abstract expression where words were no longer enough.

I use acrylics primarily because of their immediacy; there is no room for editing. Mistakes are of the moment and emotion in which a piece was created and therefore part of the whole. I have used housepaint and charcoal, as well as substances that are archetypally powerful, such as blood, black salt, black sand, and broken glass.

In the middle of one of the most difficult times of my life, when I had asked, someone, "What do you do with all this pain?" I was given this answer: "Make a painting." In my darkest times, I was given paints and canvases so that I could turn my self-destructive energies into life-affirming pictures. I paint as if to be redeemed.

It is my hope that these works are as soothing, disturbing, and ultimately transformative for the viewer as they were for their creator. Please contact me if you wish to purchase any of these works.

  • Education
    • The Evergreen State College
    • Naropa University