Amber Lynn Vitale

Brooklyn, New York, United States

AmberLynnVitale is a nationally trusted authority on integrative and holistic health practice. Vitale is an independent producer of written and video content known for a fresh approach to current health issues. As an authority content provider, Vitale is engaged on two editorial advisory boards and is a contributing writer for six nationally recognized publications.

Amber Lynn Vitale forged new ground in fusing Ayurveda, yoga, bodywork and nutrition to help you forgive yourself from disease: Power up your immunity, get out of a disease state so you can fulfill your duties and live your purpose; and most of all, so you can enjoy life!

Through integration you can optimize your health, your energy levels, your immunity, and your longevity.

For 19 years Vitale was a leading edge practitioner and educator of Fusion BodyworkSM . Unique in the field, Fusion BodyworkSM education integrates multiple disciplines to benefit your body, help you recover from over-use and over-stress, and to repair and heal.