Amber M. Brown

Owner, InSTEP Educational Technologies

Instructional Designer, national corporation

About Me:

I am a versatile, innovative learning and development professional who leverages technology to design and develop dynamic learning material. I specialize in creating material that not only furthers learning objectives, but also engages a variety of learners and needs.

I have earned a B.S. in Computer Science, am working towards a M.Ed in Instructional Technology, and hold multiple educator certifications. I am currently an Instructional Designer for a national corporation; Additionally, I have experience as a Corporate Trainer and K12 classroom educator. My strengths include analytical thinking, communication skills, creativity.

About InSTEP:

InSTEP Educational Technologies [] is a professional development organization focused on increasing the effective use of classroom technology for today's K-12 learners. We facilitate interactive trainings to increase the digital skills of classroom educators, as well as increase the use of critical thinking skills with technology-based projects. Our primary goal is to assist teachers in creating a 21st century learning environment.

InSTEP is an approved credit provider in multiple states.