Amber McGuire

Big Town, Small City, USA

The background for this bio page is called Approaching Storm by Constance Troyon. It was painted in the 1800s. It is possibly my favorite painting ever! I love the idea of the turbulent skies, the dramatic color. The deep hues surrounding the tiny patch of the blue beyond rolls along as the villagers prepare for the rising storm. The villagers are purposeful, but not desperate. The man on the shore is securing his boat just as he secures his home. "Papa!" the little ones call from home. In the last bit of sunshine, the mother and her small child chase their shadows as they scurry to their dry cottage. They must be singing as they skip from one dappled shadow to the another. The women they are leaving behind have more washing to collect before they gather together to walk home. The music they will share on their walk is the chattering of cheerful, lively birds. There is not a surprised soul in this collection of men, women, and the child. They know of the Approaching Storm, but they walk a covered path. The path of God, family, and home.

I can be found in this painting. The times in which I live are changing, a storm is approaching, but my path and the paths of my family are covered by the blood of Jesus Christ. This blog will be like this painting. It will symbolize a part of me. I hope it will reflect the awesomeness of God, the safety I feel in Him. I hope it will sometimes be a Brisk Breath of Fresh Air as the storm boils about all of us as parents, teens, wives, mothers, husbands. It will at times expose the storm, name the storm, challenge the moorings, but at the core, it will always bring our eyes back to the small patch of blue beyond.

Be patient with me as I learn when to speak and when to be silent. Whether the storm or the blue beyond will dominate from post to post will depend upon the moment. I hope to capture it in words as this painting captures the moment in oils.

  • Work
    • Owner of a Family Business
  • Education
    • Classically Educated from the Roots Up