Amber Mitchell

Las Vegas

When I'm not playing video games, I'm researching the latest developments in the industry, and discussing them with fellow gamers. Recently i was brought on as cohost for a gaming podcast, being the video game yang to the main host's table top game ying. So once a week I get to share my passion with listeners. This is leading me into streaming video game play, which is quickly becoming a favorite activity.

My excitement of technology began around 20 years ago while hanging out in phone chat rooms with BBS/phreaking groups, who really exposed me to the vast potential the Internet would be bringing with it. I then spent my years in high school on mIRC, learning random scripts which I feel made me more adaptable given the various projects I have delved into in my off time. One of my hobbies is building circuit boards, especially when they make a lot of LEDs do fun things. Problem solving is where I thrive, being on my toes, and getting the satisfaction of a completed project under my belt.