Amber Nadeau

Student in Land O' Lakes, Florida

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Hello I'm Amber! I'm a member of Academy's class of 2020. This is my third year at Academy at the Lakes, and my second year as a Student Ambassador. I am also a member of the upper division golf team as well as the softball, basketball, and weightlifting teams. I am actively involved in many clubs including Junior States of America, Blue Crew, and Key Club where I am the secretary

I chose Academy at the Lakes because I wanted a better environment to learn. On my visit day three years ago, I was not only wowed by the beautiful campus, but I was amazed at how welcoming and helpful the staff was. Upon learning about Academy's "extra help program," I was determined that this would become my new school. Extra help is a program where teachers stay 45 minutes after school to help students with content they may not understand or to help you study for an upcoming assessment.

Something very special here is our athletic program. Although we have a no-cut policy, our athletic program has a good balance of developing new players, while still competing and fulfilling the needs of experienced payers. The no-cut policy gives students the opportunity to try new sports.

When I grow up, I wish to do something that helps people. Academy is helping me reach this goal by having opportunities like Service Day. Not only am I helping the community, but I'm learning skills for my future.

Academy also has a strong public speaking program, which I know will help me in the future. Although public speaking can be intimidating at times, I know this is an invaluable skill.

Although I have not been at Academy at the Lakes long, I have had many wonderful experiences, and I look forward to sharing them with you!