Amber Kuzma

Baton Rouge

I was raised in Houston, Texas and am now a junior in college. I am studying Fashion Merchandising at the Louisiana State University. I love to learn about new fashion trends and what others are looking for in their style. Espicially moving from Texas to Louisiana, I could see how the clothing that others wore were different. Being in college and growing up, more of students' show their own personalities in what they wear. It is so interesting to look at someone's outfit and by what they are wearing, know what their interests are. Anytime I am sad or need to calm myself down I can just go to a store or go online to do some serious retail therapy to make me feel better. I was grown up playing many sports so it is still very important to me to be outside. There is nothing more I love than spending the day outside in the sun. From just enjoying the outdoors and adventure I hope to have a future of living in Austin, Texas. The city is full excitement and beautiful scenery. Austin has so many activities to do and the atmosphere is so youthful. It is full of excitement and would allow me to live my lifestyle of never having a dull moment. While I am there I would dream to be working with a clothing company that would allow me to work with others to see where they get their inspiration of clothing from. Austin is known to having many different type of individuals who each have their own style. Being here would allow me to see the different styles from college students, older adults, and young working class. In the way future I would love to team up with different designers and own my boutique with all of their creative designs.

  • Education
    • Louisiana State University