Amber Ortiz

I am a Stay-At-Home Mom to two beautiful little girls, Eva who is almost 4 and Sophia who is 1. I have had an amazing 2010, going through a wonderful weight loss journey that has inspired me to start my own Fitness business, becoming certified to teach Turbo Kick, a group exercise class, and begin courses to earn my Personal Training certification! It has been a hectic year, but it has been a life changing one!

I love my family, reading, dancing, the outdoors, softball, music, music and more music! And most of all I love motivating and inspiring others to take control of their lives, their bodies and their health! If you are simply looking for someone to be a workout buddy or accountability partner or maybe you are a SAHM too and you are looking for a great way to help people change their lives and make a little money, just click on a link below and connect with me TODAY! Today!

Make it happen!