Amber Bellomy

Mother, Teacher, and Artist in Wayne, West Virginia

Where to begin? And, depending on which lens I look through.

We all see the world through a different lens, based on our genetics(heredity and the collective unconscious of the human species) and experiences on this unpredictable planet. No two people experience or percieve an event in the same way. Wouldn't you like to see how others' experience the world, through their eyes?

Each moment counts and my goal is to promote a site that will allow everyone to have their own platform for self expression. We all want to count and "be heard"

We are social creatures and need to connect with one another to remain healthy physically,emotionally and spiritially. I think that creativity and social networking go hand in hand. I think there is an unlimited amount of knowledge we can gain from learning the stories of others'.

In a sense, we can remain immortal on this Earth. We can leave something behind for our loved ones. We can show those we love, exactly who we are now, before it is too late. We can increase an understanding of our personalities and our souls.

What has developed the character who is you? What has developed the species that is human? I think this site has unlimited potential for the growth of art and science. I think it is an evolution in our history, where we will begin to learn and understand one another better. Realizing that we are all more alike than different. We are all human. What makes us tick?

You could use the site to market yourself or your art. As products of genetics and experience(nature/nurture). We could become more self aware as an indivdual and as a species. We could attain "self actualization" a theory presented by Maslow. That is the beauty of this website.

We can also connect with others, which may even cause chemical changes in the brain, leading to the increase in a sense of well-being and happiness. Increased creativity could increase dopamine production. The brain would be stimulated and the amount of brain neurons we are using would increase. Could we learn to use more brain power?

Our lenses, which usually depends on mood(brain chemistry) and the variables of the day, the moment and the audience. We are all real and have our own stories. We all want to be the "directors" of our own lives and to be remembered and heard.

It is the reason we strive for excellence through creation and invention. The reason we procreate! We are trying to leave a piece of oursel