Student and Sports in Anna, Texas

I was born in Abilene, Texas on March 12th, 1998. I moved to Germany and lived on Ramstein Air Force with my family for 3 years. Then my dad got sent to Illinois and we lived on Scott Air Force Base. My dad then retired after being in Illinois and we moved to Mckinney, Texas. We lived there for about 6 months while our house in Anna, Texas was being built. I started going to Anna in first grade and have been there ever since.

I've been playing sports since I was little. I love basketball. I've been playing since I was 6. I'm also interested in computers. I took BIM classes 2 years while I was in High School so I know a little bit about computers and other technology.

I'm a very hardworking person and I don't like giving up on anything. If I start something, I have to finish. I'm very competitive, so I will do anything to be first. I'm polite to people. I am very respectful to everyone. I am also a very outgoing person.